Monday, August 22, 2011

{Crafts}: Freezer Paper Stenciling

Freezer Paper Stenciling

For my son's kindergarten they are asked to bring a large tote bag instead of a backpack.  They sold us a bag and told us to decorate it and put our child's name on it.

A while back I spied some darling bags that were decorated using freezer paper stencils.  I've been wanting to try it ever since and now I had an excuse!  I saw the bags on the Plum Pudding blog, and she linked to a tutorial I followed from How About Orange.

I think I fell in love with that turtle bag!
(image via Plum Pudding)

So ... here is what I did.  Remember "if SwellChel can do it ... you can too!"  This was my first time and it really was easy.  Did it turn out perfect?  No.  Did my son squeal in delight when he saw it?  Yes!  Totally worth it!

I bought some freezer paper (couldn't find it at my Target but ended up getting it at Ralphs).  Also some fabric paint (I got mine at Michael's craft store).  Next I went online and googled "dinosaur stencils" and printed out a few images I liked.  I also typed "TALON" really big in Word and printed that out too.

If I were you I would follow the tutorial I linked to above, but I'll just briefly describe what I did :

1. I put the sheets I printed out off of the computer under the freezer paper and traced my "stencils" onto the "flat" side of the freezer paper.

2. I used an exact-o knife and cut out the shapes by following my tracings

3. I ironed (yes, I had to remember where I kept the iron, hehe) the freezer paper onto the bag.  The bottom-shiny side of the freezer paper starts sticking to the bag really nice and holds your stencil in place.

4. After the fabric had cooled off I painted on the fabric paint using a foam brush (and I'm definitely sloppy at this, but it still turned out okay)

5. After it dried all I had to do is peel off the freezer paper (which was no problem at all) and voila!  It was super easy, clean and fun to do!  I think the longest step was cutting out the shapes with the exact-o knife.

(See ... the bag is not perfect but Talon is SO SO SO excited to go to school with his personalized dinosaur bag!)


Megan said...

That bag is perfect for Talon! How did he do (and you!) when you dropped him off this morning?

Aubree said...

Chelsea, you are the cutest thing! You'll have to let me know how Talon feels about school when he comes home today!