Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Learning at Home}: Letter Factory Flashcards and Printables

I love to learn.  I love watching my kids learn even more.  The blogosphere is such an awesome resource for anyone who wants to teach their children at home.  There are some creative teachers and parents out there that share their fun ideas.

I recently came across an AMAZING teaching tool on Running With Scissors ... Letter Factory Flash Cards!  Check out the post here.

You all know Leap Frog's Letter Factory DVD right?  I consider it a great foundation for reading (I'm not an expert but I've seen well it teaches kids their letter names and sounds.)  This amazing mom took things to the next level ... she HAND-DREW the letter/characters from the DVD and made them into flashcards!  Not only that but she is sharing those flashcards for FREE!   You can download the colored ones here.

I printed them out and tried to decide what to do with them.  Print two sets and make it a memory game?  Back them with cute scrapbook paper like she did on Running With Scissors?

Then I had an idea.  Handwriting is not my four-year-old son's strongpoint ... he rocks with his letters/sounds but not so much with a pencil.  I thought I could print each letter on the back of the corresponding character for him to trace and practice his handwriting.  I then laminated the sheets, printed them out, hole punched the top corner and added a binder ring.

(the other side of the "L" card is a traceable "L" just like the traceable "K" on the left)

My son can carry them around with a dry-erase marker and practice his writing while reviewing his letter sounds.  Not just that but my two-and-a-half year old daughter likes to use the flashcards for her letter sounds too!

Anyways - since you already have the link for the hand-drawn flashcards I thought I would include the link for the backside.  (The letter order is reversed because when you flip the characters over they are in reverse order to print... make sense?  No?  Trust me!)

Here are the tracing pages ....   download them here.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad to see they're getting good use! Genius to make them tracing on the back with dry erase. Wish I'd thought of that!

Claudine said...

Just printed mine out!! SUPER CUTE! I printed out the colored letters on the front and the traceable ones on the back! And they printed out perfect -- even though they look like they won't! :) My daughter just helped me cut them into cards and already recognized the letters and sounds from the DVD! Will be laminating them in the morning and will be using them daily! Thanks for the FAB idea!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!