Sunday, August 7, 2011

{SwellChel Designs} : Counting down ....

At our house we love "counting down!"  Counting down to Christmas with advent calendars, counting down until a trip ... even counting down hours until we go to Disneyland!  We are currently counting down to two BIG things for our son Talon :  his 5th birthday this week, and his first day of kindergarten in a few weeks!  

When I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest I knew that my kids would love it ... counting down until their birthday!  How fun!  I whipped up my own version ... stuck it on our magnet board and every morning Talon helps me change the number.  

Then we did the good ol' "paper-chain countdown" for kindergarten ... something else fun to look forward to!

When I made the birthday countdown I thought it would be fun to make a boy version and a girl version!  They are each 5x7 and can be laminated or put in a 5x7 frame!  If anyone is interested you can download my version here!  Enjoy ... and "happy counting down"!

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ggerken said...

Love this idea! Both of my boys' birthdays are coming up and Austin talks about it every day. I am going to use this idea. The other thing we are counting down are the days until we can use our Disneyland annual pass again once the summer blackout days are gone. Thank you for the printables!