Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Learning at Home} : Paint chip activities

I'm addicted to Pinterest.  If you've ever tried it out I'm sure you know what I mean ... it's amazing ... I'm in awe of the creative minds out there.  What I love about Pinterest is that it's so visual ... instead of bookmarking a recipe on my internet browser, it's like bookmarking the "picture" of the recipe and sharing it with your friends.  

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Anyways - I have tried quite a bit of things I've found on Pinterest lately.  One of my favorites were these "paint chip" activities ... I've seen similar ideas in the past, but decided to go for it and try these ones out.

Here is an awesome one that I've used to help Talon with his reading skills.
Found it HERE on Pinterest.

Here are pictures of my version:  I used the same consonants as the Pinterest version, but the "word families" I got from Talon's Hooked on Phonics book.

(This picture doesn't show all of the one's I made either ... you can find a good list of word families on the version I found on Pinterest)

These were super easy to make ... I just grabbed a bunch of these paint chip samples from Home Depot -didn't cost me anything :)

I also found a simple version that Evie (who is almost 3 years old) likes to play with ... she just matches up the colors!  Such a fun thing to play with for those busy little hands!

Found this here on Pinterst.

Here is my simple little version:

 While I was picking up the paint chip samples I spotted the cutest Mickey Mouse-shaped ones.  I knew I had to find something fun to use them for, and I ended up with this:
 Talon's working on recognizing the names of the colors so I take the paper strips out and help him match them up with the right color!  So fun - he LOVES it!! 

 Really, the possibilities are endless with "paint chips" ...
 go out and try it!


Whitney said...

OK. I love this idea. I'm totally making these for Riley. Parkie will love the matching color game as well. Thanks, Chel!

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