Saturday, September 3, 2011

{SwellChel Designs}: Summer Bucket List ... the Results

Since school has started and summer is officially over for us I thought I would look back and see how we did on our "Summer Bucket List."  In May we sat down as a family and came up with things we wanted to do this summer and it turned into this ....

(I laminated the list, hung it up and we marked off things after we finished them.  Before next summer I'll be sure to make this bucket list design available on the blog!)

Of course, we didn't complete ALL of the items ... but what was most important is that we spent time together as a family and made fun memories this summer!  It also helped when we had days where we couldn't come up with something fun to do - we could always check the Bucket List!

Here is a little highlight of some of the items we "checked off" :
# 23 - Play instruments
# 30 - Dress up costume party
# 2 - Summer Reading at Library
# 56 - (added later) Discovery Science Center
#48 - Swimming Lessons
#21 - Collect shells at the beach
#15 - Gourmet hot-dog BBQ party
#11 - Family reunion in Utah
#1 - Angel's baseball game
#43 - Slip and slide
#52 - Visit a splash pad park
#49 - Bake cookies

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Max said...

This is such a good idea! My little guy might be too young to really understand it, but it would give me motivation to take him on some adventures :)

I love the photos with the numbers too.