Thursday, September 22, 2011

SwellChel Does Halloween: Halloween Printable Activities for Kids

Last year I came across some printable Halloween activities for my kids.  These amazing bloggers have taken the time to create large packets of different Halloween-themed worksheets and allow them to be downloaded for FREE!  

Here is what I end up doing with them ... I print the sheets out, load them into sheet protectors and put them in a cheap 3-ring binder.  The kids use a dry-erase marker to do all of the activities ... it's perfect because they like to do them over and over and then I'm not re-printing a ton and wasting paper!  If some of the activities are puzzles, matching games, etc then I'll cut them up and store them in their own page protector.

Then I just keep the binder in my box of decorations to use again the next year, and I keep adding to it!

This is actually a picture of my Thanksgiving one ... :)

Oopsey Daisy has a packed called "H is for Halloween" you can download from her post here.
It's part of her Mommy School Packets (which are all awesome, by the way!)

(picture via Oopsey Daisy)

Over the Big Moon has a Halloween Pre-K Pack you can download here.
Even though it's Pre-K I'm sure some older kids would have fun with them.
(image via Over the Big Moon)

I also love this little Halloween Game page from Yellow Mums you can find here.

I hope you can use these Halloween printable activities for your kids ....
my kids LOVE doing them at home, in the car or at church!

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Whitney said...

Just downloaded the Mommy School Packet. Darling! Thanks for sharing, Chel.