Monday, September 12, 2011

SwellChel Does Halloween: Mod-Podge, Glitter and Thumbtack Monogram Pumpkins!

I've always just "enjoyed" Halloween ... I would of never said it's my favorite holiday but it was just always "okay" for me.  After we got married I put up a decoration or two, and then when we had kids I slowly started adding more and got excited for my kids costumes, passing out treats, etc. 

Then something happened last year ... I went CRAZY for Halloween! :)  I think I was inspired by the awesome crafts, decorations and food I saw on my favorite blogs and I was hooked.  I all of a sudden had to try as many of these ideas as was humanly possible!  It worked out great because the more I got into Halloween the more my kids did.

I've been seriously counting down until Halloween this year - I've been SO excited!

I decided that it's time for "SwellChel Does Halloween!"

Starting today, and EVERYday until September 30th I am going to post some Halloween finds that are tested and tried by yours truly.  A little early for Halloween you might say?  Well, I like my decorations up on October 1st and it's never too early to get ready, right?  I hope you enjoy them as much I have ... and remember that I am not super-talented-crafty and my posts will not show perfect creations - but they are fun anyways I think!

Mod-podge, Glitter and Thumbtack Monogram

Here is part of the Halloween decor I created last year ....
(FYI .. the pedestals are really wire containers that I put upside-down) 

I was so excited about some crafts I found on blogs last year using the "craft (fake)" pumpkins from Michael's Craft.  (I used coupons or waited until they went on sale ... they sell a few different sizes).  The bonus is they don't get rotten and they I put them away for the next year!

 Mod-Podge Pumpkins

I originally saw this idea at UCreate here., and they linked to an awesome tutorial at Other White House.   Again, these didn't necessarily turn out perfect but it was fun to make!  I went and found some napkins I liked and followed the tutorial on Other White House (check it out here).

Glitter Pumpkins
I found another idea I really liked at A Glimpse Inside (check it out here).  She used Martha Stewart glitter (which I LOVE and buy at Michael's Craft) ... and decorated her craft pumpkins with them.

Thumbtack Monogram Pumpkins
I was so excited to try these monogram pumpkins I found on The Shabby Nest, check it out here.
I believe they used upholstery tacks but I just bough some cheap thumbtacks and painted them black.  I created a large letter "C" in a cursive-type font on Microsoft Word, printed it out, and held it up to the pumpkin while I traced the letter by poking intermittent holes in the craft pumpkin.  Super easy + No mess = awesome!

Hope you enjoyed these pumpkins - go and make some!!!  Let me know if you try it out! 

Don't forget to check back EVERYday until September 30th for "SwellChel Does Halloween!"


Anonymous said...

are you for hire?? i would luv a pumpkin with an "H" and some glitter in my bay window! he-he.

ggerken said...

I share your love of Halloween! The pumpkins are adorable - my favorite is the one with the monogram! I like how you have displayed them too.