Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SwellChel Does Halloween: Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bags

Reason # 63 that I love having five sisters ....

Being able to copy their super-fun traditions and holiday ideas for their children
 (since they all had kids before I did!)

I don't know which sister started this, but by the time I had my first kid ALL of my nephews and nieces had these adorable "trick-or-treat" bags from Lillian Vernon.  Naturally, Talon's first Halloween he had his personalized bag ready to go.  Evelyn was born on October 30th ... we had pre-ordered her bag and had it with us in the hospital :)

(for some reason I don't have a picture of Trae's bag ... but it's a scary pirate one)

Not only are these bags super cute, but they are cheap!!!!!
They are currently only $11.98 on sale ... and that includes the personalization!
Go check them out here

 (image via. Lillian Vernon)


Anonymous said...

I just ordered one for Coleman last week - the little Frankenstein in lime green! Now we have five that will sit up on our mantle. Fun tradition! (can't take credit though - that was Collette!).

JuliaTheGoolia said...

Super cute! I was planning on ordering one but thanks for the reminder! I just got the Spider one for Luke. I love their Easter baskets too!

The Goodmans said...

Very cute, I love the bags! Where did you get your Halloween banner? I love banners for the holidays.

ggerken said...

I ordered one for Austin tonight! I wait too long every year and then I can't get it in time, but I am ahead of the game this year, thanks to you for the reminder!