Saturday, September 24, 2011

SwellChel Does Halloween: You've Been Booed!

One of my favorite Halloween traditions involves ding-dong-ditching treats to neighbors and friends!  

The TomKat Studio created a super-cute free printable and called it 
You Have Been Booed!
(download it here)

(image via The TomKat studio)

 When the person finds their treats they find a sign to put up in their window saying "We've Been Booed" (so others know they have already received treats), and they find instructions explaining to them (if they are interested) to make copies of the signs/instructions and drop off treats to two of their friends.  Usually it gets the ball rolling in the neighborhood and pretty soon we drive down the street and can see quite a few "We've Been Booed" signs up!   It's really fun and I'm excited to involve my kids in the whole "ding-dong ditching" part this year!

While you are getting your free printable from The TomKat Studio , go and check out the rest of their site ... there are some amazing (and i mean AMAZING) parties on there, and they sell coordinating printables for parties and there are also some other freebies on there!

I love these Halloween party printables I found here
(image via The TomKat Studio)


Alicia said...

Our family loves to Boo too:)

Whitney said...

I just heard about this from a woman in our ward. I want to try it this year. What's a fun, easy treat that you make for the neighbors?

Chelsea said...

I like to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ... or even a big bag of candy corn tied with a huge bow! Easy!