Monday, October 31, 2011

SwellChel Does Pinterest: Halloween Edition # 2


Halloween is finally here and I have been busy making MORE
creations inspired by Pinterest!

Here is my SwellChel Does Pinterest:  Halloween Edition # 2
(find the first Halloween Edition here
... and find ALL of my Halloween posts here)

Mummy-wrapped Juice Boxes
Idea from
link : here

Witch Hat Cookies
Idea from Explore.Dream.Discover
blog link: here

String Pumpkins
Talon and I had SO much fun making these together!  We blew up a small balloon, and wrapped orange yarn around while applying diluted white glue with a foam brush.  After they were dry we popped the ballon and had our string pumpkin!
Idea from Clumsy Crafter
Blog link : here

Jack O' Lantern Seeds
My sister sent me this idea and I pinned it to Pinterest.
I made my own custom labels which is FREE to download here if anyone is interested!
Idea from Can't Stop Making Things
Blog link : here

Spider Ice Cubes
(picture taken after ice cubes melted)
Idea from Fahrenheit 350
Blog link : here

Nutter Butter Ghosts
Idea from Grin and Bake It
Blog link : here

Mummy Munch
(not from Pinterest, and I mentioned it during SwellChel Does Halloween ...
I just made it again this year, but with orange-colored candy melt)

 Witches Fingers
(Also NOT from Pinterest.  My sister Claudine made these and I had to share -
they are cheese sticks cut in half, then she used a serrated knife to shave off part of the tip,
added a dab of cream cheese and put on a slivered almond!  Spooky, huh?)

 Bat Lantern
Idea from eighteen25
Blog link : here

 Mummy-wrapped Hershey Bar
(I used the snack size bars  for kids to make at a church party)
Idea from The Idea Room
Blog link : here

 Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

Idea from Grin and Bake It
Blog link : here

 Skeleton Portraits
(the idea from Pinterest actually involved making these on burlap, etc ...
instead I made these as a digital design on Photoshop and hung them in my house like this!
Feel free to download for personal use by right-clicking and saving to your computer!)

Idea from : Peppermint Plum
Blog link : here

"Out of Candy" Door Sign
(this is actually the sign from the blog post - we
are putting it out tonight when we run out of candy!)
Idea from Anything But Perfect
Blog link : here

Glowing Ghosts using Glowstick + Balloon
(mine didn't turn out that great - I think the glowsticks I used weren't really bright and I hung them in an area where the streetlight hit ... Martha Stewart version is on the bottom!  Going to have to attempt it again next year!)

Idea from Martha Stewart
link : here


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