Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SwellChel Does Christmas: Two FREE printables to start off the festivities!

Yay!  Tomorrow is December 1st and I'm so excited for the Christmas season!  To start things off I wanted to share TWO free printables with you.

Who doesn't love the movie Elf?!?!
I saw this quote on an image on Pinterest and I thought it would be a fun printable.
I printed it out 8x10 at Costco and put in a frame near my Christmas decor.

To download the original file please use the link here.

I saw this DARLING idea on Oopsey Daisy here.  Alison used this sort-of-advent calendar when she taught first grade.  Instead of making one with scrapbook paper I decided to create a version on Photoshop.  I printed it out as an 8x10 on card stock, and then every day (starting December 1st) I'll have one of my kids glue on a cotton ball.  By December 25th we should have a very full Santa's beard!  I also thought it would be an easy (and cheap) craft to give to neighbor's with kids, church friends, playmates, etc.  

To download the original file please use the link here.

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dede said...

love you love this blog

Megan said...

Thanks Chels! Kelsey already put up Santa's first piece of his beard and is excited for it to fill up each day! What cute and easy ideas!

ggerken said...

Thank you! I love it!

Linda Roessler said...

Thank you!