Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SwellChel Does Thanksgiving: Mod-Podge Pumpkin

I finally took down my Halloween decorations ... and I have to admit it felt a little "lonely" in our house with all of our bats off of the wall :)  It took me a day or two to "recover" from Halloween and now I'm ready for SwellChel Does Thanksgiving!

I love re-purposing some of my Halloween decorations so I can leave them up for Thanksgiving!  I kept my glitter-pumpkin that I shared on an earlier Halloween post here, and I added a Thanksgiving mod-podge pumpkin that I made last year.  For this pumpkin I spray-painted it white (my Halloween pumpkins I left orange so that it would show through the thin paper napkins), and then I mod-podged on some fancy-scrolly napkin strips.  I added brown bows and there you have it ... Thanksgiving decorations!

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