Saturday, December 10, 2011

SwellChel Does Christmas: M&M Nativity neighbor gifts

The big question every year is "What do we make for our neighbors/friends to drop off?"  We've done windmill cookies for Sinterklaas day, Santa Claus sugar cookies, Peppermint Trader Joe-Joe cookies, etc.

I've seen different versions of the "M&M Nativity Legend" and thought would be a fun thing to pass out this year.  There is a little poem about the "M&M" ... where the "M" stands for Manger and if you turn it sideways the "E" stands for the star in the East, etc.

My Computer is My Canvas made my job easy by creating a really cute printable for free.
Check it out here.

We enlisted the kids' help to make some treats.  We used the square pretzels, topped them with peppermint Hershey Kisses, and after slightly melting them in the oven we topped them with christmas-colored M&Ms.  The kids took the job very seriously and felt proud of their accomplishment.  My Computer is My Canvas' post also has detailed instructions on how to make those treats.

We packaged up our treats and have already made some deliveries!

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