Friday, December 30, 2011

SwellChel Does New Year's: Let's Celebrate!

Happy New Year's!!!

I've realized this year that I have very few New Year's traditions besides counting-down at midnight (or midnight New York time so we can go to bed earlier!).  Thanks to ideas I've come across on blogs and Pinterest I think we are going to start some new traditions ...

One thing I am short on is New Year's decor ... especially since Christmas decorations are usually still up!  I love this subway art from eighteen25 that you can find here.
{image via eighteen25}

I also like the idea of interviewing your kids every New Years and keeping them all together in a cute binder that you add to each year.  I think it will be fun to see how the children grow and while I've seen similar "interview" ideas out there for birthdays and such I like the idea that these interviews are kept all in one piece ... imagine what a treasure this will be in five years, ten years or twenty years :)

One interview idea I found at Teach Mama here
{image via Teach Mama}

Another interview idea is found at Thirty Handmade Days here
{image via Thirty Handmade Days}

I thought these countdown activity bags found on the Idea Room here were a great idea!  Have different activities for the kids to do each hour on the hour.
{image via The Idea Room}

Need some other ideas for kids on New Year's Eve?!?!  Hip Hip Hooray has 10 ideas here and I especially liked the BINGO game!
{image via Hip Hip Hooray}

 Need something for the kids to do while watching the parade New Year's Day?!?!
How about a fun mini printable pack from 2 Teaching Mommies?!?!
You can find it here.
{image via 2 Teaching Mommies}

I don't think we've ever done a really big traditional breakfast for New Years but I'm thinking these pancakes are a great idea to start a new tradition at our house!
Found them at Disney Family Fun here.
{image via Disney Family Fun}

Do any of you have New Year's Resolutions?!?!  
A top one for a lot of people is getting their life organized ... and although I am kind of organized I think that I have a hard time letting go of clothes in my closet :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest which linked to Ray and Jen here
Basically you hang all of your clothes hangars backwards in your closet and turn the hangar around as you were that article of clothing.  In six months if there are any that haven't been turned around you can donate them!  Great idea, huh?!?!  It's especially easy for an Orange County gal like me where I don't have a seasonal wardrobe as much and wear the same clothes year round for the most part ... then I have no excuse if I haven't worn in it by June!
{image via Ray and Jen}

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I added all of these ideas on my New Year's board on Pinterest if you want to follow it here.

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