Saturday, January 21, 2012

SwellChel Does Pinterest: Owner Manual Binder and LEGO Instructions Binder

Do you ever find yourself coming across something on Pinterest 
and saying to yourself,
"Now, why didn't I think of that?!?!"

They are some seriously great ideas out there!

I loved this simple organizational idea that I found on Pinterest here.
The idea is to put all of your owner manuals in one spot ... a three-ring binder!

There is always a dilemma when we purchase a new item with a owner's manual ... where do we put the owner's manual?  Keep it with the box (which inevitably gets thrown away)? put it in a drawer?

I went through and found the owner's manuals in our house ... for everything from a kitchen appliance to a humidifier, and I put them in all in my new handy-dandy binder!

Then .... I had a genius idea.
(if I do say so myself)

What about a binder for all of the loose LEGO instructions we have floating around our house??!?!!  We have the instructions that come with each kit, instructions we get in the LEGO magazine, etc.

I have to tell you how seriously convenient it has been to have this!!!!

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C World said...

i'm totally copying you! :)

Michelle {Fun On A Dime} said...

Genius! My son inherited a quite a few well loved instructions and they have been folded like crazy. This would be awesome for him!

JuliaTheGoolia said...

Love this! I actually have files in my file cabinet for instruction manuals by category (kitchen, baby, electronics, etc) but a binder with tabs would make it much easier!

Melissa said...

Fantastic idea! I must try this one! Apart from all the instruction manuals for my son, my husband has all his lego instructions from when he was a kid!