Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SwellChel Does Valentine's Day: My Decor

I really don't have much Valentine's Day decorations around my house (I think partly because I like things dialed down a bit after having Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE)

Here are just a few festive touches I added to my house:

 My kids have loved their simple little mailboxes.  I have out hearts and foam stickers so they can make each other valentine's whenever they want and put them in the mailboxes.  Most mornings I have a little treat or note in there for them.  The mailboxes are a dollar from Target and I just stood them on top of three little candlestick holders.

I saw this idea on Pinterest here, but it linked to some website in England where you can order one, etc ... so I decided to make one on my own so I could give it to Michael for Valentine's Day.  I am totally cheesy like that and I think our love story is right up there with those other famous couples :) haha

 What holiday is complete without amazing subway art from eighteen25??!?!
Check it out here.

 Thought this would be cute and simple centerpiece for our table ... my kids keep trying to get the candy out though!

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JuliaTheGoolia said...

The mailboxes are so cute! I just made one too!

Alicia said...

Love the centerpiece idea