Friday, February 3, 2012

SwellChel Does Valentine's Day: Our Valentine's Day Cards {Updated with FREE printables}

We've had so much fun deciding what to do for Valentine's Day cards this year.  My oldest is in kindergarten and he will finally be exchanging Valentine's at school, and the kids are exchanging Valentine's with cousins this year too.

  I saw SO many amazing, fun, simple and creative ideas on Pinterest (check out my Valentine's Day board here) ... and what I made are versions of different ideas I've come across.

Here is a little card from our family ...

{idea from Brown Paper packages here}

 Here are each of the kids' Valentine's Day cards ...

{idea from Crafting Chicks here}

I designed each of their bag toppers on Photoshop real fast, printed them out, cut them out, folded in half, and then stapled to the top of these bags ... (found them at Joanns)

The pattern you see on the front extends onto the back as well ...

Anyways, I just thought I would share our Valentine's cards ... they are simple but the kids are SO excited about them, and that's what counts!  Right?

If anyone is interested in a FREE DOWNLOAD of any of these Valentine's cards you can download them here:
(keep in mind the bag topper were made specifically for the 3x4 inch treat bags)

Car Valentine

Dinosaur Valentine

Bouncy Ball Valentine

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dede said...

seriously the thumb body... i laughed outloud ... they are all adorable

Amanda said...

I would LOVE a download of the dinosaur topper! It's just what ive been looking for!

Michelle {Fun On A Dime} said...

Great ideas for boys! There is a serious lack of ideas that don't involve a lot of candy.