Saturday, March 24, 2012

SwellChel Does Easter: Mod-Podge Easter Eggs

When I saw craft Easter eggs at Michael's craft store last year I KNEW I had to whip out some Mod-Podge (after going crazy at Halloween making Mod-Podge Pumpkins)

If you need a great tutorial I suggest the one at The Other White House here.

I found these super cute pink napkins at Target and went to town!  I only have one somewhat-decent picture of them ... but you get the idea :)  I promise it is easy to do ... even easier than the pumpkins because they had indentations around them!

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JuliaTheGoolia said...

Awesome! I was thinking of this myself when I did the pumpkins. I knew I could find some giant craft eggs somewhere! Now I just have to head over to Michael's :)