Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Pin, Eat, and Be Merry}: Taco Casserole

Here is a new recipe I found via Pinterest.

It's called Taco Casserole
from Budget Savvy Diva.
Find the recipe here.

It was a hit!

Besides being yummy it was also EASY to prepare, and I love that the possibilities are endless. . . add whatever toppings, veggies, etc that your family loves!

Monday, May 21, 2012

{Learning at Home}: Alphabet Flip-cards using an IKEA Tolsby Frame (FREE download)

I love love LOVE IKEA Toslby frames!  
You can't beat the price at 99 cents, and the possibilities are endless.  
Here are some posts that give examples of how I've used them:
Here, here, and here.

When I took the plastic out of the frame, and added some book rings...
 the Tolsby frame became a flip-chart!

We have been practicing the alphabet with my three-year old 
and I thought that creating Alphabet Flip-cards would be a perfect idea for her!

I just printed the cards out on card stock, punched two holes at the top ... and that's it
(Well ... I did laminate them ... 
only because I have an almost-two-year old that would destroy them otherwise!)

If you are interested in downloading the alphabet flip-cards for FREE
then click here.

(an idea of what the pages look like)

Monday, May 14, 2012

{Pin, Eat and Be Merry!}: Two new favorite to-die-for cookies!

Although I've taken a month-long blogging absence (sorry - blogging is an awesome creative outlet for me but is always low on my loooooong to-do list!) ....  I have STILL been crafting, baking, creating and playing away!  

Thanks to Pinterest I have determined to make at least ONE new recipe a week!  I thought it would be fun to share with you how they turn out in a new segment I like to call ...

Because, let's face it, every pinner describes the pinned recipe as "the BEST ... I've ever had!"  Well, I don't buy that unless I try it myself or someone I personally know vouches for the recipe!  

Today I thought I'd share with you TWO new cookie recipes that really are amazing ... and I've also got a lot of "two thumbs up" from those who have tried them!

#1. Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies from Bru Crew Life

Find the recipe here!
These were super good and who doesn't love Reese's Pieces in your cookies??? The vanilla pudding mix made them super moist and yummy!  My daughter Evelyn loved helping me make them ... can't you tell?!?!  :)

#2. White and Chocolate Chunk Cookies
 with Marshmallow Bits and Toffee by Picky Palate

Find the recipe here!

I love EVERYTHING I make from Picky Palate and I was really excited to try this recipe with a new product ... Marshmallow Bits.  They are teeny-tiny marshmallows and they add the perfect crunch to this cookie!